Renee at Great Peace Virtual AssistantHello, I’m Renée Aleshire Brown, I am both owner and virtual assistant at Great Peace Virtual Assistance. I have blogged on my own blog Great Peace Academy as a homeschool and family lifestyle blogger for 5 years. In that time I have learned the ins and outs of blogging.

Having started on the Blogger platform and later switching to self-hosted WordPress I am well-versed in the overall functioning of both.

Over time, I have been asked to begin performing a variety of online tasks for individuals and small business owners.

I’ve been able to hone my skills while working alongside a large premiere blogging network of over 100 bloggers. While serving as project manager I have learned how to manage collaborative blogs, weekly link-ups, as well as growing my skills on social media content marketing.

One of my specialties is social media parties. I am able to manage both Twitter and Facebook parties as well as Google + hangouts.

Out of all the projects I have worked on, my favorite thing to do as a virtual assistant is to do task management. I enjoy taking complex projects, breaking them down into manageable tasks and then setting to work and seeing a project to completion.