Is Google+ Relevant to Marketers?

With so many different social media networks out there, many of which are heavily updated on a regular basis, is Google Plus still relevant for marketers today? Is this is a social network that people can still gain some benefit from? Learn how and why Google Plus is still relevant and how you can leverage it for your marketing purposes.

Is Google Plus Relevant To Marketers? | Great Peace Virtual Assistant

Google Plus is Yet Another Way to Rank

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) ranking high in searches is vital to any website’s ability to stay relevant on the web. But with so many sites fighting for SEO ranking, how can marketers improve their rankings?

No single method of optimization creates high ranking. Every business should be trying to rank in multiple ways. This means that every available avenue is valuable. Google Plus offers a simple way for businesses and marketers to communicate their message.  This reason alone has been the reason for many businesses to continue its usage.

When you are listed on Google Plus, with links going out frequently, this gives your blog, business, or website a great deal of relevance, which is very important for ranking in the search engines.

A Google Plus Profile Helps Add Value

Professional profiles on trusted sites are always good for helping to grow your brand, be it your name or your business name. Google Plus is still very relevant when it comes to putting out a professional profile. It’s much easier to get discovered in search if you have one of these profiles. You can also create a business profile on Google Plus for even more relevance.

Link Your Google Plus Page to Your Site

Google Plus is still relevant for outbound linking from your site. Link your Google Plus profile to your site by adding a badge or widget in a recognizable area. This way, people can follow your site easily and Google may be able to distinguish your profile and site as belonging to one another faster. You should also be sure Google Plus is among your share buttons.

Interacting with Comments on Google Plus Helps Increase Relevance

Each time replies are made to posts and comments on Google Plus (or any site), the search spiders have to crawl that page to update it. The more times something is updated, the more relevant it is made to search engines. This is one very important reason Google Plus is still relevant. Try interacting with related professionals, as well as others who are interested in your topics to get more conversations going.

Optimized Business Listings Are Important

Google business listings are a must if you plan to make a name for your company. This is one of the best ways to be found. Google Plus is still relevant for this reason, as well. Even though this is a separate feature Google has, when you already have a Google Plus account, it makes it easier to take advantage of this necessity.



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