Blogging Assistance

Blogging Assistance |

Overwhelmed by all of the work required to own, and maintain a regularly updated blog? Finding  you don’t have time for it all?

Whether you are a hobby blogger, a professional blogger, or you are a small business who utilizes blogging as a means of establishing your brand authority, I can assist you in keeping your blog up-to-date, organized, and brand consistent.

Establish a Blog or Small Business Website

I am proficient in using both WordPress, Blogger and can manage Wix as well.

  • Build a basic website using existing themes.

Blog Management

  • Curate 4 custom monthly niche content
  • Manage comments
  • Schedule blog content to social media

For Established Bloggers

  • Guest posting or ghost writing to your specifications
  • Task Management
  • Insert links for round-up posts
  • Edit existing posts
  • Pinnable images for Pinterest
  • Custom image work for your social media shares
  • Format landing pages
  • Manage contributor posts

I do not provide services as a technical assistant, design services, IT services, or back-end trouble-shooting. I can, however, recommend service providers.

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