Editorial Assistance

Editorial Assistance

Need help editing, proofing or formatting your ebook or print book? I can help. I’ve self-published 2 ebooks and converted 1 to print using Create Space on-demand printing, co-authored 2 books, and I’ve assisted bloggers in formatting and editing several books for both e-publishing and print publishing.

My Editorial Services

  • Basic, Copy editing
  • Heavy, Copy editing
  • Final Proofreading before Publishing
  • Layout
  • Reformatting eBooks for Print (Create Space)
  • eBook Cover converted to 3D Cover Images
  • Add watermark or branding logo to your images
  • Organize materials into cohesive themes, topics, or units for printbles or ultimate blog posts
  • Create printables to your specifications
  • Curate Round-Up Posts using your affiliate links
  • Data-entry
  • Don’t see what your are looking for? Just ask.

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